Paley Li

Paley Guangping Li

Faculty of Information Technology

Czech Technical University


About Me

I am a postdoc at Czech Technical University. I am part of the PRL @ PRG research group, where I am working with Jan Vitek looking at ways to optimize the programming language R and Julia, as well as analysing JavaScript to better understand of the web. Previously, I was a postdoc at the Programming Research Lab in Northeastern University . I was a phd student at Victoria University of Wellington, where I was very fortunate to have been supervised by James Noble and Nicholas Cameron. My research was looking at ways to formalism object cloning with ownership types.

I like basketball, swimming, travelling, reading, cooking.

Research Interests

My research interests involves programming language design, type theory, ownership types, and type systems.




My email is paley dot li at fit dot cvut dot cz. If you are ever in Prague feel free to drop by and say hi.